Cake smashes and paint splashes

One year old! Let's celebrate and get messy!

Cake Smashes and Paint Splashes

You've got to your first birthday, where did that year go? Let's celebrate by getting messy!

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One year has gone by since you arrived - now it's time to celebrate being ONE! You've changed so much and now you are a proper person in your own right, with your own unique personality, likes and dislikes...

And to celebrate this, why not make the most of getting as messy as possible! Maybe you want to smash a cake and eat that yummy icing; maybe you don't like cake and would rather make some art for mummy and daddy instead by splashing some paint about - it doesn't matter to us. 

We are happy for you to arrive here looking posh for a quick portrait session, and then get changed into something to get messy in (we can supply this - quite happily!) and then after all the mess it's time for a dip in our faithful vintage bath tub.  

These sessions last about 90 minutes and are fast paced - and a lot of mess - but we look after all that, you arrive clean, and leave clean! (It might be worth mum or dad bringing some spare clothes too as they often get messy too...oh and I've been know to have to clean icing off my camera after too!)

Of course, you don't have to get messy - you can just have a birthday portrait session instead - who wants to get in a mess anyway? Sometimes, you just want to show off how gorgeous you are!

These are great fun sessions and are not to be missed - make sure you get in touch to ensure you have a space! Again, they are realistically priced - starting from just £150 - with images on USB.